Wow, Archibald, have you ever seen so many skyscrapers so close together in one spot?” gasped Jockabeb. “Just think of the millions of people bustling around in this city, and all the crazy things that happen here each day.” Archibald, Jockabeb, and their little sister, Tess, head off for a long weekend with their Aunt Claire in New York City, where they set about visiting the local tourist sites. Things take a disastrous turn after the boys become separated from Aunt Claire and Tess and cross paths again with the evil Tommy Nat, who almost succeeded in taking their lives in Haiti several months before. The boys’ frantic attempt to evade capture takes them to parts of Manhattan never listed on any tourist map, and leads them to a mysterious young girl named Willow, who knows the secrets of the city, both above and below ground.

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A creatively imaginative story….I can see this novel and possibly the series becoming a lifelong favorite for children and adults. I highly recommend.

Great book for children of all ages.

When reading In the Forest by Art Collins, my students were engaged throughout the whole book. Many of them did not want to stop reading due to the excitement and adventure that takes place in the story. They want to know when we can read In the Mountain, the next book in the series.