After leaving the deadly desert behind, the two brothers felt sure that all the supernatural creatures that had stalked them over the years were finally laid to rest. When the boys and their family board a plane destined for a tropical isle in the Caribbean, they have no idea that new danger awaits them behind swaying palm trees and beneath warm, clear-blue waters that stretch out from the secluded inn where they will be spending their spring vacation. Nor do they know that four puzzling tarot cards, the mysterious Natonto family, and a giant Haitian will all surprisingly intersect in one of their greatest adventures ever. Since the last of Haktu’s blue feather is now gone, two vital questions remain — will the same magical power be passed on to the feathers from Tommy Two Feather’s hat, and if not, can the two boys conjure up their own brand of magic to weather another impending storm? So, batten down the hatches and strap on your life jacket as you prepare for another tumultuous ride into the deep recesses of the unknown!

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Well written!  I loved the story and it felt like it was absolutely perfect.

Exciting and fun!

Art Collins could have written books on how to run a major corporation – google him and read Wikipedia. But instead he wrote this series of Adventures about young boys, for young boys. I read them so I know what I am sending to my grandsons. I find them gripping! The stories are so well written than I have to assure myself the heroes survive by remembering that there are sequels, so of course they survive..
I like that these are set in an era before smartphones and video games, so the kids actually leave the house and have exciting adventures. The family has breakfast and dinner together and actually talks about the day, but the kids can keep secrets too. Gee, those were the days!

This book picks up right where we left off in the fourth book. It reveals secrets and answers the questions left hanging in the previous book. With page-turning secrets being revealed, this book is sure to please any fans of the previous four books.

Art Collins has done it again, only this time scoring his next big hit in the Caribbean. Lots of action, twists and turns, and answers to some of the mystery left hanging in his last book. KC Collins’ artwork is once again wonderful.