Having miraculously escaped from the clutches of supernatural wolf-crows, a seemingly indestructible devil cat, and a giant black jaguar that had been possessed by a depraved shaman, the two brothers board a bus and head toward California on a school field trip. What happens to them in the middle of the night at a deserted cafe begins another hair-raising adventure — an adventure that places them squarely in the middle of an ancient legend that has somehow come back to life in a lonely stretch of desert where untold secrets lie buried beneath the sand-swept, bleak terrain. A reclusive old man, who turns out to be at the center of it all, becomes more mysterious with each crazy twist and turn of the boys’ incredible journey into the unknown. Just when it seems that their bizarre adventure is about to end, another unexpected piece of the macabre jigsaw puzzle falls out of place, leaving two all-important questions yet to be answered — is the protective power of Haktu’s blue feather still strong, and will Archibald and Jockabeb’s string of good luck hold out a just a little bit longer? So, take a deep breath and make sure your seatbelt is fastened securely across your lap as you head into the desert!

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I have used In the Forest for the past two years as a whole class novel. The book generated a great deal of conversation and was rich in figurative language. I will continue to use it and would highly recommend its use by ant teacher!

This book is by far the most mysterious and intriguing out of the other previous three. It has descriptive and constantly changing plots and by the end of the book, leaves people wanting to read more.