My class read In the Forest and LOVED it! They would light up when it was time to read. I had parents thanking me because their ‘reluctant reader’ was now wanting the whole nine-book The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb series.

Everybody loves adventure. It teaches readers true meaning of friendship, bravery, kindness, and wisdom.

This is an enjoyable book….I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this novel to kids who like adventure stories.

The writing style is mature, but not so complicated that it would challenge a young reader. The pace was fast and there was never a lull in the action. Young readers will enjoy this book and probably ask for the rest in the series.

The forest is full of secrets. The farther you wander into it, the more of them you’ll discover. In the Forest was an exciting and unforgettable book. Anyone who loves a thrilling adventure should give it a try.

The stories were timeless!!! If these are the bedtime stories the author grew up with, I envy his childhood. Full of terrible creatures and friends waiting to be found!

Art Collins could have written books on how to run a major corporation – google him and read Wikipedia. But instead he wrote this series of Adventures about young boys, for young boys. I read them so I know what I am sending to my grandsons. I find them gripping! The stories are so well written than I have to assure myself the heroes survive by remembering that there are sequels, so of course they survive..
I like that these are set in an era before smartphones and video games, so the kids actually leave the house and have exciting adventures. The family has breakfast and dinner together and actually talks about the day, but the kids can keep secrets too. Gee, those were the days!

Terrific series of adventure books! This is the first of a series of boys’ adventure books that are absolutely terrific. Art Collins uses bold imagination, memorable characters and enough twists, turns and suspense to keep kids turning the pages from the start to the finish of each of these great stories. Art Collins a terrific storyteller.

In the Forest is a lovely story with a charm the makes you feel good. While I was reading it I have this feeling that this was a Pixar story, it has this charm that you can’t help to just feel good about it, and the places they visit, I can picture it all in my head like I was drawing their path, I highly recommend this story to anyone.

In this creatively structured, wildly inventive inaugural entry in the Archibald and Jockabeb YA series, Collins introduces two boys with restless spirits who explore a serpentine path of excitement during the 1980s. A secret cave draws the curious boys inside and the adventure begins with creatures big and small, kind and antagonistic. There are universal lessons embedded into this story and much can be learned about friendship and family. Finely embellished with charcoal illustrations, this short book is a potent and addictive introductory volume with great promise.

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