A great book for young adventurers who seek magic sprinkled with the supernatural.

Well done! An imaginative story.

Quite an adventure! “In the Forest” is the first book in a series written by Art Collins. I bought this book for my niece and she loved it.

An adventurous tale! It was entertaining and you couldn’t wait for more adventures. So if you get a chance check it out and if you have kids, they’ll enjoy it too.

In the Forest by Art Collins is a magical tale. An amazing story!

A mystical journey!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the opening of this series. This book contains thrilling and exciting events and leaves you yearning for more at the end of each chapter. This is a great book and I highly recommend it to young and old readers alike.

Great book for children of all ages.

A creatively imaginative story….I can see this novel and possibly the series becoming a lifelong favorite for children and adults. I highly recommend.

In the Forest (The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb) is a wonderful adventurous tale by Art Collins. Collins’ story is a classic tale of adventure, magic and wonderment, perfect fodder to stoke a young child’s imagination.

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