In The Forest: Reviews

In the Forest was an exciting and unforgettable book. Anyone who loves a thrilling adventure should give it a try!

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Students absolutely loved In the Forest. I really cannot express how much the students loved this book and were so excited to read every day! Thank you again for allowing us this wonderful opportunity!

I used In the Forest and incorporated activities from the teacher’s guide as appropriate to our unit of study. I found the teacher’s guide extremely helpful.

We have 32 students on a hold list for the first book, In the Forest. The kids are looking forward to all the books in The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb series!

My class read In the Forest and LOVED it! They would light up when it was time to read. I had parents thanking me because their ‘reluctant reader’ was now wanting the whole nine-book The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb series.

In the Forest is a lovely story with a charm the makes you feel good. While I was reading it I have this feeling that this was a Pixar story, it has this charm that you can’t help to just feel good about it, and the places they visit, I can picture it all in my head like I was drawing their path, I highly recommend this story to anyone.

My son read it in 3 days and begged to have the rest of the series.

In the Forest by Art Collins is a magical tale. An amazing story!

In the Forest (The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb) is a wonderful adventurous tale by Art Collins. Collins’ story is a classic tale of adventure, magic and wonderment, perfect fodder to stoke a young child’s imagination.

In the Forest is a great book! It had a lot of details, mystery, neat characters, and suspense.

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