This book picks up right where we left off in the fourth book. It reveals secrets and answers the questions left hanging in the previous book. With page-turning secrets being revealed, this book is sure to please any fans of the previous four books.

This book is by far the most mysterious and intriguing out of the other previous three. It has descriptive and constantly changing plots and by the end of the book, leaves people wanting to read more.

So cool how the boys move to an even more foreign and trying environment overseas into the exotic and exciting Brazil. I love the setting and giving children the wonder of another country.

When reading In the Forest by Art Collins, my students were engaged throughout the whole book. Many of them did not want to stop reading due to the excitement and adventure that takes place in the story. They want to know when we can read In the Mountain, the next book in the series.

I have used In the Forest for the past two years as a whole class novel. The book generated a great deal of conversation and was rich in figurative language. I will continue to use it and would highly recommend its use by ant teacher!

My students thoroughly enjoyed reading In the Forest, the first book in The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb nine-book series. I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response the book received from parents.

Students absolutely loved In the Forest. I really cannot express how much the students loved this book and were so excited to read every day! Thank you again for allowing us this wonderful opportunity!

I used In the Forest and incorporated activities from the teacher’s guide as appropriate to our unit of study. I found the teacher’s guide extremely helpful.

We have 32 students on a hold list for the first book, In the Forest. The kids are looking forward to all the books in The Adventures of Archibald & Jockabeb series!

This story has all the elements kids love–mystery, adventure, danger, and magic. As their teacher, I really appreciated all the rich, challenging vocabulary throughout the book. I would definitely recommend to other teachers incorporating this book into your Language Arts curriculum.”

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